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The Spanish Council of Ministers resolution of 16 March 2012 approving the Public Enterprise and State Foundation Rationalisation and Restructuring Plan sets out in Annexe IV the termination of Sociedad Estatal para la Promoción y Atracción de las Inversiones Exteriores, S. A. U. (Invest in Spain) through the transfer of all assets and liabilities to ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, in accordance with applicable commercial legislation.

On 7 December 2012, the transfer of all assets and liabilities was completed and Invest in Spain has since become the Invest in Spain Division at ICEX-Spain Trade and Investment, which is responsible for attracting foreign investment.

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public corporation at the national level whose mission involves promoting the internationalisation of Spanish companies to support their competitiveness and add value to the economy as a whole, as well as attracting foreign investment to Spain. ICEX Spain Trade and Investment renders its services through a network of 31 Provincial and Regional Divisions in Spain along with almost 100 Economic and Trade Offices around the world. It also boasts 16 Business Centres worldwide, offering Spanish companies temporary infrastructure and acting as incubators for internationalisation.

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ICEX Invest in Spain Division's mission

ICEX Invest in Spain's activity falls within the framework of the following four key lines of action:

  • Attracting new foreign direct investment projects, especially involving countries, sectors and businesses that show greatest growth potential in Spain.

  • Positioning of Spain as an internationalised country boasting extremely competitive resources, business centre and international investment as well as being a global platform for access to third markets.

  • Promoting an improved business climate and regulatory environment, thereby facilitating business activity in Spain.

  • Facilitating collaboration between foreign investors and Spanish companies for the development and expansion of activities in our country.

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