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About us
An independent professional Group dedicated to accountancy and outsourcing of professional business services aimed to businesses’ international expansion. We started more than 25 years ago and since we have grown organically for supporting our clients’ needs in the different countries where we are established.

Since 1987 we provide ideas and solutions for helping companies in their globalisation processes. Our DNA is made of the know-how and experiences of an economists, lawyers, accountants, and tax specialist’s team, who day by day, during these almost 30 years, has been in close and permanent contact with our clients’ business reality.

Our services are mainly addressed to non-resident businessmen and investors expanding their business beyond their country borders who need ancillary professional services, different from their core activity, but essential to comply with regulations in their destination country. Among these services we may highlight: company formation, registered office, accounting and payroll services, preparation and filing of financial statements, consolidation of financial statements, as well as, IT solutions and relocation services for business owners, executives or employees. In brief, through IGMASA Management, you may outsource all the professional services that your company requires.  


IGMASA Management in Spain
IGMASA Management Spanish practice was established back in 2001 to assist foreign businessmen and companies enter or expand into the Spanish market or other countries with which Spain has strong economic, historical and cultural bonds. We have two offices: one in Madrid and another in Barcelona, from which our professional teams offer our services.

Our client portfolio includes entrepreneurs, pharmaceuticals, food service, oil, construction, services, land and maritime transportation companies, among others; small and medium-size, as well as large companies. To each one of them, we provide professional services to comply with local regulations. Hence, our clients may focus entirely on their core and productive activities; entrusting routine ancillary activities and administrative, tax, and legal obligations to a specialised company like IGMASA Management.

IGMASA Management’s Spanish practice offers a number of services to address your needs of expanding into Spain and take advantage of the country’s business opportunities.


What makes us different?
Our size, location, close rapport with clients; as well as our friendly and personalised relationships. Personal contact is essential to build a trustworthy relationship – we like what we do and our clients feel it.

We are sure you will be able to find more elements that make us different, after you try our services.


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