Castilla y Leon is one of the largest European Regions; its 36,679 sq miles account for 20% of Spain’s total land. It borders with nine other Regions and Portugal, and it is located on the routes between Portugal and the rest of the European continent. Here crosses the main axis connecting Lisbon-Paris, from West to East, and Northern Spain and Morocco, from North to South. In a 500 kms. (aprox. 310 miles) radius from the center of the region are some of the main industrial and economic hubs of Spain and Portugal, such as Madrid, Porto, Bilbao and Zaragoza, and ports like Vigo, Santander, Porto (Leixões) and Bilbao.

Furthermore, Castilla y Leon is the birthplace of the Spanish language. Over 400 million people in 22 countries speak Spanish, and 200 million more have adopted it as their second language. This fact makes that every year, thousands of professionals and students improve their skills in this area in the Castilla y Leon Universities, some of them among the most famous and ancient  in the world (Salamanca and Valladolid).

All of these facts, together with the stability of the region, its high level of quality of life, the social peace and the modern industrial environment, makes Castilla y Leon the perfect location for your business.  


Castilla y Leon has an extensive network of modern and varied infrastructures, which have converted it into the main logistics centre in northwest Spain.

The railway network has been completed with a high-speed train, locating Madrid, the capital of Spain, just 55 minutes away from Valladolid, 20 minutes from Segovia, 80 minutes from Palencia, 120 minutes from Leon and 85 minutes away from Zamora.

Valladolid, Salamanca, Leon and Burgos airports have commercial and cargo, national and international flights, linked (via Barcelona) with the main cities of the world. Moreover, the Region benefits from its proximity to the international Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport (45 minutes drive from Segovia), the major airport in Spain and the first in Europe in terms of Center and South America flights and connections.

Castilla y Leon has easy access to the major ports in the Iberian Peninsula.



Automotive Industry
Castilla y Leon has four manufacturing plants: RENAULT, FIAT – IVECO Group and NISSAN, and one engine manufacturing plant: RENAULT. There are more than 110 components manufacturers and auxiliary companies generating 37,000 direct jobs in this key sector of the Region´s economy, the first one in terms of GDP, employment and exports.

The Government of Castilla y León is aware of the importance of the sector, thus has implemented an Automotive Regional Plan to increase competitiveness on the sector. The support form the Public Sector to this industry is total, which favors the setting up of new companies which have their providers and main clients here. The Regional cluster for the automotive sector in Castilla y León is FACYL, and it helps to link the activity of public and private sectors.

Aeronautics and Aerospace Industry
The aeronautics industry in Castilla y Leon is mainly focused on more than 10 companies creating about 850 direct jobs and approximately 1,275 indirect jobs. Many companies of this sector have strongly chosen Castilla y Leon in order to invest in research, development and innovation in complex structure technologies for new materials.

Because of the regional effort on this sector, proving a wide spectrum of R&D lines, Castilla y León is working on satellite mission analysis, the development of land segment systems, teledetection, simulation and development of space technologies applied to location and positioning systems, satellite navigation and telecommunications.

The food and agricultural industry classifies the Region in third position nationally, with an annual turnover of more than 9,700 million Euros. This sector is the second more important one in Castilla y Leon in terms of GDP, employment and exports, taking advantage of its mixing of tradition and latest trends in the sector.

Castilla y Leon is one of principal food production Spanish Regions, particularly in terms of meat, cereals, vegetables and alcoholic drinks (especially wines), with a very wide range of products and specialized in high added value ones (Gourmet, Iberian meats, Worldwide renowned cheeses and World Class wines). Together with it, Castilla y Leon is a powerful producer of preserves, snacks, biscuits, confectionery, etc.

In figures, there are 3,200 companies comprising this industry and employing 36.000 people.

Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industries
The Chemical - Pharmaceutical sector comprises more than 200 companies, employing 5.000 people locally. Among these, 50 companies related to Biotech industry employing over 1,200 people locally, and they live together with the main multinational corporations of the sector. To promote Research and scientific knowledge in this industry, Castilla y León provides with excellent infrastructures that support innovation.

Information and Communiction Technologies
Around 1,000 companies are propel the ICT sector in the region, which means the second greatest concentration of new technology experts in Spain. Boecillo and Leon Technological Parks, promoted by the Government of Castilla y Leon, have provided with the ideal environment for the development of the ICT industry, who can benefit from certain synergies and cost efficiencies.

National Cluster for Cyber Security and Advanced Technologies is based in Castilla y Leon comprising 47 companies, 31 of them located in our Region. All of these figures give an idea of the importance of the sector and the high skilled profile of the professionals involved in the sector, most of them trained in the Castilla y Leon Universities.

Security Sector
The Region is totally committed to develop an industrial fabric in the field of security, which covers a broad spectrum of business activities: integral security, hardware and software, surveillance equipment, homeland security, air and road traffic control, etc. Related with the former point, it is very remarkable the importance and development of the Cybersecurity sector, which configures an industry itself supported by the Regional Government and the specific cluster of the sector, located in Leon.

Logistics Industry
Due to its privileged and strategic location, the Castilla y Leon region has a broad and varied logistics industry. Over 40,000 companies in the region are transport companies, 8% of the national total.

There is a network for the organization, design, management and operation of the logistic hubs, known as Red CyLog. This network model, a first of its kind in Spain, is the identity mark and brand image of logistics activities in Castilla y Leon. An excellent network of road, rail and air communications, make Castilla y Leon an ideal logistics operations hub for any business.

These facts, together with the exceptional infrastructure network, means that the companies don’t have to worry about the logistics for their products, even if specialized logistics are needed, and that the logistics companies have here a great and modern market to explore.

Castilla y Leon supplies 15% and consumes 6.5% of the national total, which means that the region is a clear provider of energy. Around 500 companies, some of them among the most important in the world, are involved in the sector, employing over 2.500 workers.

Nationwide, Castilla y Leon occupies the leading positions in the introduction of wind, hydraulic & solar energies, thanks to the resources available in the region. It makes that the needs of the companies in terms of energy are largely and professionally covered.

From an industrial point of view, Castilla y Leon has an extensive presence of manufacturers of components for not only wind but also solar energies.

EREN (the public entity for energy in Castilla y León) effectively develops, unifies and integrates, at a regional level, all the policies adopted and implemented in the different fields of energy, which means that, as in the rest of sectors, Public and Private sides walk hand in hand in the improvement and development of the sector.



The Region´s strategy is based on the Regional Technological Plan (RTP), a pilot project in the European Union. Its goal is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Castilla y Leon by leading the development of an innovation system. Technological offer is coordinated through the Technological Centers Network.

Alongside these specific measures, the high number of technological companies and the key role that R&D plays in the most important sectors of the regional economy configure a scenario where the innovation and the investigation are essential in the economic activity. This is why Castilla y Leon has such high modernisation levels, and the professionals are highly qualified.



There are a total of 6,000 people devoted to R&D&I, representing 5% of the active population, which places Castilla y Leon among the leading Spanish Regions in this sector. The universities of Castilla y Leon offer a wide range of training with different specialities and wide support in R&D, thus staking a bet on the talent in the Region. By doing this, the current and future demand from labour market is widely satisfied. There are eight universities with more than 100,000 students, as well as more than 350 secondary education centres for 500,000 students.

About 80 professional training courses taught in over 370 centres supply the labour market with the highest qualified labour force. So, the company which set up here don’t have to worry about its human resources supply, neither quantitative nor qualitatively.


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The Regional Government of Castilla y Leon offers investors constant and comprehensive support and consultancy services, obviously, for free:

- Information and support regarding industrial land, incentives, contacts of interest and human resources.

- Subsidies and advice for investment projects.

- Search and location of the most appropriate strategic location for each project.

- Advice to obtain financial support.

- Post-investment assistance.

- Incentives for investment, innovation and technological development.

- Any other help or hesitation you could have about Castilla y Leon and our investment services

Our Investment Area is composed by specialised professionals who will accompany you and your project from the very first moment and during the investment, giving also post-investment assistance. We want to make your investment the easier and more comfortable we could, so you can save time and money. If you want to tell us about your project, please send us an e-mail to, and we will answer you immediately in order to solve all your questions. 

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