Introduction from Conor McGurk, Department for International Trade, Director for Spain

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Conor Photo No .10Having recently arrived in Spain as Director for International Trade, it is already clear to me that Spain is a dynamic market which offers fantastic opportunities for UK businesses.

While Spain still faces challenges, it is Europe’s 5th largest economy and the UK’s 8th largest export market, with bilateral trade worth over £40bn per annum. The IMF forecasts Spain to continue to grow faster than the rest of the Eurozone for at least the next 5 years. This is good news for the UK and for those wishing to do business in Spain.

As Prime Minister Theresa May said on the occasion of her first meeting here in Madrid with Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Spain will remain a vital partner and friend of the UK.

Over 700 UK companies already have a presence in Spain, and most intend to increase their investment in the next financial year. The main UK exports to Spain are medicines and chemicals, food and drink, road vehicles and consumer goods, but Spain is a large and diverse market, offering opportunities in many other sectors such as retail, healthcare and security.

Making the move into any market, especially a new one, can feel like a leap into the unknown – not least when you are dealing with a different language, culture or regulations. However, our experienced International Trade teams in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao stand ready to give you the support you need to successfully develop your business here in Spain.


Conor McGurk
Department for International Trade, Director for Spain


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