Introduction from Christopher Dottie, President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain




Chris _Dottie PhotoThe BCCS currently finds itself in a privileged position. With the ever increasing media attention, both public and private institutions in Spain appreciate the benefits of the Chambers services when organising events. My mission as President of the BCCS is to continue this line and ensure that the Chamber is the key organisation for improving commercial relations and investment between Spain and the United Kingdom.

The new Governing Council, elected in April of this year, wants to continue defending the interests of all of our members in front of decision making authorities. The council is formed of senior representatives from Spanish and British companies with wide experience in different sectors and with the ability to lead and grow the organisation. For all of us, leading such a prestigious organisation with more than 100 years of history and representing one of the most important investor countries for the Spain is an exciting challenge.

Furthermore, we have created a strategy plan in order to achieve our objectives and adapt ourselves to the needs of our members. We want to continue being the voice for our members and organising events where members’ opinions can be heard and allow them to improve their businesses. In order to value British Investment, we created the British Investment in Spain committee and published the ‘Barometer on British Investment in Spain’ with the objective to representing the interests of British companies in Spain and give their investment a value. The United Kingdom inverted 63 billion euros in Spain in 2014 in various sectors, representing 21% of the total Foreign Direct Investment in Spain and created 240,000 jobs.

We are living in difficult times, both politically and economically, therefore now more than ever companies need independent organisations such as Chambers as strategic partners to encourage internationalisation and represent their interests in front of decision makers.


Christopher Dottie
President, British Chamber of Commerce in Spain


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