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This Doing Business in Spain guide will help UK businesses to look afresh at this dynamic and potentially lucrative European market. Having a population of 47 million boosted by an injection of around 65 million tourists each year, Spain is a market that ought not to be overlooked by the would-be exporter.

Spain has a modern knowledge-based economy where services account for almost 75% of business activity. It is an international centre for innovation, having a young and highly qualified population. With a wide acceptance of English as a business language and an existing appetite for and familiarity with British products, Spain can be less challenging than many markets  – although the Institute of Export is always ready to help you meet any exporting challenges you may come across!

Owing to its historical and cultural ties, Spain is often used as a gateway to Latin American markets. Spanish companies have large distribution capabilities in the region and collaboration with Spanish companies can help UK companies gain access to further opportunities in Latin America.

The wide availability of flights between all parts of the UK and Spain make it easy for UK companies to visit and meet with prospective customers  remember, people do business with people and establishing a good relationship with your customer should be part of any deal (and is very much part of the Spanish way of doing business)  so get out there and enjoy! 

Good luck or ¡Buena suerte! 


Lesley Batchelor OBE, FIEx (Grad)
Director General - Institute of Export & International Trade


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